Derrick Rose says Knicks’ triangle offense is ‘just random basketball’

February 23, 2017

It’s safe to say Derrick Rose hasn’t made an easy transition in his first season with the New York Knicks. The oft-injured point guard was the subject of trade speculation heading into Thursday’s deadline, and he’s struggled to find a comfort zone in the Knicks’ triangle offense.

Despite playing 48 games heading into Thursday's matchup against the Cavs, the 28-year-old is still undergoing growing pains with the offense Knicks president Phil Jackson preferred when he won 11 titles as a head coach.

“It’s just different,” Rose told reporters early Thursday. “It’s a different offense. You’re always in the corner as a point guard. You’re always in the corner and just got to play off reads and play that way. It’s new not only to me but for everyone that’s here.”

Despite his struggles with the offense, Rose is averaging more points this season (17.7 heading into Thursday) than he did in his final season with the Bulls. But Rose didn’t hide his criticism.

“I mean every game is something different,” Rose said. “We’re trying to figure out different plays, different options that you have. I get a lot of my points off of random baskets unless you see me go to the post, and that’s how you know it’s a play for me. It’s just random basketball.”

Rose is in the final year of his contract and is due to be a free agent this summer.