Watch Dimitri Payet’s amazing skill as he juggles chewed gum, kicks it into his mouth

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Well, this is both amazing and sort of gross.

We already knew that Dimitri Payet is a skillful player who can do just about anything with the ball at his feet. But the West Ham midfielder upped the ante on Saturday by juggling a chewed-up piece of gum and kicking it back into his mouth. Just watch:

Incredible? Absolutely. Sanitary? Not quite.

Germophobes may want to look away, but that’s an amazing bit of skill for a player who is just shooting the breeze before Saturday’s match vs. Sunderland. We’ve seen players juggle tennis balls and golf balls, but a chewed-up piece of gum is one of the tougher ones, indeed.

That isn’t the only great thing Payet would do on Saturday. Later, he would assist Winston Reid’s stoppage-time game-winner to find victory against Sunderland. But the gum thing — there’s no way it topped the gum thing.