Former captain Mikel Arteta deleted all his Arsenal posts off Instagram

Newly retired Mikel Arteta has begun his coaching career under Pep Guardiola at Manchester City, and he’s putting Arsenal in the past after deleting all references to his old club off social media.

Former captain Arteta left Arsenal amicably, but you wouldn’t know it from the way he hit "command-A-delete" on his Instagram. All references to his old life are gone, replaced with two pics of him in Manchester City gear, looking happy, hale, and hearty.

It’s understandable that Arteta would want to start fresh after moving into a new chapter of his life, but man. Did you have to go full "new year, new me" on us Mik? Next thing you know, he’ll be posting caps-heavy pseudo-motivational pictures every day, shading Arsene Wenger and his former club. Don’t forget the requisite snaps of him smiling in City gear to show the world just how much he’s moved on and loves his new life.

Here are some predictions for Arteta’s next posts: