‘Madden 15’ gets even more realistic with Eli’s ‘Manning Face’

Awww, mannnnn!!!

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Technology has officially gone too far.

It’s one thing for “Madden 15″ to be realistic from the standpoint of having actual NFL playbooks and true-to-life skills ratings, but when EA Sports starts including the infamous “Manning Face” in its new video game, we’re that much closer to Skynet becoming self-aware.

(Editor’s note: The term "Manning Face" is defined as the pained, "aww, shucks," Mr. Grumpypants expression on the face of New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning when things on the field are like a total bummer.)

Honestly, check out the actual photo and the Madden screengrab below, and try to tell which is which. Bet you can’t.


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