Kyle Lowry says he’d let Kobe Bryant score during All-Star Game

Lowry wants to be in the highlight reel.

During “The Lowe Post” podcast on ESPN, Toronto's Kyle Lowry spoke with Zach Lowe about the upcoming NBA All-Star Game. 

Lowe asked Lowry if if he minds Bryant — despite his poor play this season — making the 2015-16 NBA All-Star Game. “Not at all,” replied Lowry. “I think it's going to be enjoyable. It's going to be pretty cool. Because I know he's going to try and go off.” 

Then, Lowe inquires about whether or not Lowry would like to guard Bryant (who would play for the Western Conference) during the game. On the first return of votes, Bryant led all candidates with 719,235 votes. Lowry is one of the leading candidates for the East — with 128,131 votes.

“I might let him score, make it a highlight, so I could be in one of those all-time videos of the All-Star game,” said Lowry. “I'd let him score.”  

During the interview, Lowry also admitted that he has Drake's cell phone number. He discussed flopping, his weight loss and his head coach Dwane Casey. 

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