Report: Darvish suggests 6-man rotations to reduce arm injuries

Yu Darvish has a proposal to curb the rash of injuries resulting in Tommy John surgery.

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Texas Rangers ace Yu Darvish believes he might have a solution to the injury epidemic plaguing starting pitchers in Major League Baseball.

Darvish suggested to The New York Times that major-league teams switch to six-man rotations from the traditional five-man setup. That seemingly would reduce the wear and tear on pitchers’ ligaments and allow for more rest between starts.

"If you really want to protect players, we should add one more spot to the starting rotation," Darvish said.

Six-man rotations are the norm in Japan, but the proposal could be met with some resistance in the majors. Namely, expanded rosters to accommodate an extra starting pitcher and a change in preparation for pitchers who are accustomed to starting every fifth day.

"I know if you have six starters, there are going to be other problems that it entails," Darvish told The New York Times.