Minor league umps affiliate with larger union

Minor league umpires are joining up with a larger union.

The Association of Minor League Umpires said Monday it is

affiliating with the Office and Professional Employees

International Union (OPEIU) of the AFL-CIO. The union will be

called AMLU/OPEIU Guild 322 – for three balls, two strikes and two


The AMLU formed in 2000 and struck six years later for nearly

two months before ratifying a six-year contract that May 30.

Minor league umpires are paid only during the season, and the

starting salary is $1,800 per month.

“We’re now looking to take the umpires to another level and

secure rights and benefits afforded to other baseball

professionals, including wage improvements, job security and better

working conditions,” AMLU president Shaun Francis said in a