Tigers’ minor-league team holding ‘Back to the Future’ double-header promotion

The Toledo Mud Hens are putting a unique spin on an upcoming promotion –"Back to the Future" night.

The Triple-A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers is joining a number of other minor-league teams honoring the 30th anniversary of the original "Back to the Future" film, but their July 11 promo is unlike any other. The Mud Hens will hold a doubleheader that features a "Back" game followed by a "Future" game.

Just like any other Triple-A doubleheader, two seven-inning games will be played back-to-back. For the first game, the Mud Hens will go back in time 30 years with 1980’s-themed jerseys, old school message board announcements and organ music.

The second game will be set for the year 2035 and will feature "futuristic" Mud Hens jerseys with a new logo.

Photo Credit: MiLB

Both sets of jerseys will be auctioned off after each respective game with the proceeds benefiting local charities.

"We knew "Back to the Future" was going to be one of those theme jerseys you see all over minor-league baseball," Mud Hens director of events and entertainment Michael Keedy told MLB.com. "So we took a scheduled doubleheader, and instead of making it all about the movie, we used the theme of the movie to create our own event. We’re going back in time during the first game, and for the second game we’re going into the future."

The Mud Hens also plan to pay tribute to the film in numerous different ways throughout the day.

"We have some "Back to the Future" elements in mind," said Keedy. "We’ll play some clips of the movie, but none during the first game."

(h/t MLB.com)