The Florida Panthers are now selling #SpaceyInSpace sweatshirts for charity

A much-needed piece in any Spacey-age hockey collection.

Back in December, it was discovered that the Florida Panthers had a mysterious blue hoodie, adorned with the head of actor Kevin Spacey floating in space, that the team awarded to its player of the game. 

Though the story behind #SpaceyInSpace remained a mystery to everyone but those who beheld it. And Kevin Spacey himself, of course:

But perhaps due to the power of social media and the inexorable pull of the Oscar-winning star of "House of Cards" and "The Usual Suspects" himself, the Panthers have decided to do both Florida hockey- and Spacey fans a solid and sell Spacey in Space sweatshirts to the general public. So now everyone can cloak themselves in this mythical garb: 

Though it appears it's only being sold at Pantherland, so anyone not in the Sunrise, Fla., area may be out of luck. 

The proceeds from the hoodie sales benefit both the Florida Panthers and Kevin Spacey Foundations.

Truly out of this world.  

H/t Extra Mustard



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