Pence has a baseball camp for you!

There isn’t a lot that is normal about Hunter
Pence’s game. He throws like his elbow is made of saltwater
taffy, he swings like he’s got T-Rex arms and,
to quote McCovey Chronicles, “he runs
like he’s boneless and on fire.”

It’s really a big mess, to be honest.

But it works for Pence. I mean, look at the guy. He’s not
a two-time All-Star for nothing:

He can even hit a baseball three times on one swing:

So that’s what makes it so amazing that Pence, with the
help of
SI’s Extra Mustard, put together this parody
infomercial hocking a hilarious instructional camp for kids:

OK, the camp isn’t real, but if it was, I’d
recommend you send your kids there. There’s really nothing
the man can’t teach you. Except dancing. You should probably
learn that on your own: