Call him Deadbeat Danny Tartabull

Former Major League outfielder and DH Danny Tartabull earned nearly $33 million over the course of a 14-year professional career, according to

And according to the L.A. County Child Support Services Department, Tartabull, who last played with the Philadelphia Phillies in 1997, owes about a quarter-million dollars in unpaid child support for his two sons, making him the most wanted deadbeat dad in Los Angeles.

Tartabull’s oldest son, Zach, was a two-star wide receiver recruit in the class of 2010 and is now a model. His younger son, Quentin, is a three-star defensive back recruit in the class of 2014 and has verbally committed to Cal.

Per the poster below, Tartabull entered a no contest plea on Jan. 24, 2011, to a violation of Penal Code Section 166(a)(4), which is "willful disobedience of the terms as written of any process or court order or out-of-state court order, lawfully issued by a court, including orders pending trial."

Tartabull then failed to meet the terms of his probation and didn’t show up to serve a 180-day jail sentence last year. There has been a warrant out for his arrest since May 2, 2012.

The $276,204.93 Tartabull owes in child support payments represents less than one percent of the 1991 All-Star’s career earnings, so one would think his delinquency is a matter of laziness or indifference, not lack of funds.

But then again, this wouldn’t be the first time a professional athlete burned through an absurd amount of money, either.

Maybe he’s just waiting on his latest Seinfeld and Married… With Children royalty checks to cash.

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