Russell Westbrook mask alternatives: Batman, 'The Mask,' MF Doom & more

BY Brett Smiley • March 5, 2015

Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook returned to the court Thursday night wearing a traditional, clear plastic protective mask after undergoing surgery Saturday to repair a fracture in his face.

"It was OK," Westbrook said of the protective cover. "It was weird. I had to keep wiping it. It was a total, big process of trying to keep everything from fogging up. But that's not going to stop me. My job is to come out and trying to lead my team."

Obviously Westbrook is unstoppable in his current form. But since Richard Hamilton sort of has a claim to the plastic look, Westbrook is "reviewing" some other face mask options. The guard posted these possibilities on his Facebook account:

Here's some other cover-up options floating around the Internet:

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