Titans players weigh in on scuffle

BY foxsports • July 28, 2013

Apparently, boys will be boys – even in training camp.

According to The Tennessean, a brawl involving about 20 players broke out during the first day of padded practice in the Tennessee Titans camp on Saturday. The paper reports that “a scrap” between free safety Michael Griffin and wide receiver Michael Preston escalated into the showdown.

It reportedly started with Griffin grabbing wide receiver Nate Washington after a pass play. “The safety said he was trying to hold the receiver up, but there apparently was some miscommunication because Griffin and Preston soon were trading blows.” Other players piled into the scuffle, right in front of a fence separating the field from the fans.

“It was a little scuffle,” Preston told the paper. “It’s part of football. It’s going to happen sometimes when you’re out there competing against each other on a high level. … Neither one of us wanted to back down. You move on from it and you keep helping each other get better.”

Griffin also offered the reporter his take.

“The DBs are going to stick up for DBs and receivers stick up for receivers,” he said. “One thing leads to another. It’s kind of the nature they’re trying to put into us. Stick up for your brotherhood, go out there and play hard and play physical.”

Griffin reportedly admitted to throwing the first punch, “so he told coach Mike Munchak that he was willing to pay all fines that might be handed out,” the story said.

After things calmed down, the players dismissed the incident, though Griffin did admit it got out of control.

“There was a trash can over there, and people were falling over, people trying to break it up. It didn’t need to get to that.”

As to Munchak, he didn’t seem too distressed over the incident either.

“It was mainly a lot of little guys trying to look tough. They just have to be smarter, that’s all.”