Podcast: Inside the drug culture in professional sports

BY foxsports • December 16, 2013

This podcast contains explicit language that fits within the context of the discussion.

It's a topic that has been talked about plenty, but never quite like this.  This week on "Unconventional Wisdom," Scott Fujita, Brendon Ayanbadejo, and Gabe Kapler get together to get to the bottom of how sports and drugs really coexist. Just how prevalent is PED use in NFL and MLB locker rooms?  How do different athletes determine what's "fair" in the world of modern medicine?  And where has the media missed the mark in their coverage of drug use in sports?

Beyond all the stories, the guys open up on the way in which PED use creates resentments among peers, and poses problems for professional sports moving forward.  It's a conversation that the sports world has been grappling with since the dawn of the "steroid era," but these three bring a fresh perspective to an issue where so many tend to jump to conclusions.  Three men, with three long careers, and three very different perspectives on how athletes should manage their bodies.  It all adds up to one very interesting conversation.

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Brendon gives a full accounting of his drug and supplement regimen, that has to be heard to be believed.

Gabe, Scott and Brendon talk frankly about the percentage of teammates that routinely smoked marijuana, and succeeded despite, or perhaps because of it.

Scott shares his craziest tales of random drug testing at inopportune times, and Gabe challenges his estimates on how big a problem HGH use really is within the NFL.

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