Peyton won't answer Irsay questions

BY foxsports • October 17, 2013

Peyton Manning may or may not have reason to be upset with the Colts, depending how he interprets team owner Jim Irsay‘s recent comments.

Either way, the current Broncos quarterback doesn’t want to talk about it. As the Colts prepare to welcome Manning back to Indianapolis for the first time since he left the franchise last offseason, Irsay has spent some time chatting about Manning’s 14-year career with the franchise.

Those comments, whether taken out of context or not, drew quite the reaction from people around the NFL, including Broncos head coach John Fox. But even if Manning does feel slighted by Irsay’s comments, he’s not admitting it. When asked if he bore any resentment toward the Colts during his weekly press conference on Wednesday, Manning chose to defer from answering, indicating that it likely wouldn’t end well.

“To answer a question like that doesn’t serve me well,” Manning said, via “I feel like the question is based on the [Irsay] comments, so it’s just easier not to answer anything along those lines.”

Manning’s decision not to answer could be him merely taking the high road and choosing not to further the controversy that’s seemingly been stirred up this week. Then again, the notion that answering such a question wouldn’t "serve him well" seems like a subtle hint at his displeasure with the situation. Until Manning decides to come clean and address the issue, though, it’s unlikely there will be any real clarity.

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