Louis Murphy: Jameis Winston reminds me of Tim Tebow

BY foxsports • June 1, 2015

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Louis Murphy has played with both Tim Tebow and Jameis Winston, and he sees some similarities between the two former Heisman Trophy winners.

“I just saw how much of a competitor he is. He competes,” Murphy said, via NFL.com. "He doesn’t like losing. He wants to win and that’s a guy I want to play with. He’s young, kind of similar to Tim Tebow in a way, he just wants to win. He’ll do anything it takes to win. But he’s young, everyone makes mistakes . . . I’m just really excited to be with a guy who is really passionate about playing this game.”

And before you get all bent out of shape, nobody is comparing Winston’s on-the-field play to Tebow’s. This is simply about the passion Winston has for the sport, and, like everybody else has been saying, Murphy believes that Winston’s is unmatched.

In terms of off-the-field antics, the two quarterbacks could not possibly be more different. I think it’s safe to say that Tebow -- the “Golden Child” -- would never be caught shoplifting crab legs or trapped in the middle of a rape investigation.

Yet, in terms of pregame preparation and the overall love for the game, the two quarterbacks seem to be very similar. While it never seemed to translate onto the field, Tebow was famous for the rigorous preparation he put into every game. And, as coach Lovie Smith said last week, “We have to kind of tell him (Winston) when to leave.”

Can you imagine a version of Tebow that could actually throw a football?

Well, maybe that’s exactly what the Buccaneers have in Jameis Winston.

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