Harrison thinks Freeman faking injury

October 26, 2013

Josh Freeman's nightmare season isn't ending — or is it?

Freeman suffered a concussion during his disastrous first start for the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night in New York, the team announced Wednesday, forcing him to sit out Sunday's game against Green Bay.

However, that announcement came a day after they said the exiled Bucs QB would start Sunday.

After watching Freeman struggle in a 23-7 loss to the Giants, there are some skeptics who are not convinced Freeman really has a concussion and think either he is trying to chicken out of a bad situation in Minnesota, or the Vikings are trying to keep him off the field.

One of those skeptics who doesn't mind going on the record is NBC analyst Rodney Harrison.

"I can't say that I believe he has a concussion," Harrison told NBC Sports Radio, via Awful Announcing. "I can't say that I'm 100 percent sold out. I'm not trying to doubt the seriousness of his injury if he has one, but it just seems like a convenient excuse to get out of a situation. That's what it seems like."

Freeman, who was released by the Bucs following a winless start to the season, might be regretting going to the Twin Cities after just a couple weeks, Harrison said.

"Maybe's he's looking around and saying, 'You know, maybe Greg Jennings isn't as good as I thought ... Adrian Peterson is struggling. Heck, I just want out of this situation, I can't wait for the end of the season,'" Harrison said. "I played safety at a high level for a long time and I was bangin' and I never missed a game because of a concussion, so it just seems like an excuse to me."

Did Harrison go too far with his accusation against the struggling QB? CBS Sports' Gregg Doyel thinks he did. But others question the curious timing of the concussion announcement and venture that it won't win over anyone in the Vikings locker room.

Maybe Freeman was hoping he would be benched after his pedestrian 20-for-53, 190-yard passing game. Since 1960, only four other QBs have thrown 50 or more passes in a game and not been able to reach the 200-yard mark.

Christian Ponder is expected to make the start with Freeman out. Hopefully you're not faking it, Josh. The NFL has no room for punks.

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