Ex-player Amani Toomer rips Goodell

BY foxsports • April 21, 2011

Former New York Giants wide receiver Amani Toomer blasted NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Thursday for his role in the ongoing labor dispute, likening Goodell's handling of the crisis to something from Nazi-era Germany.

The ex-player suggested that Goodell's hold over the sport was similar to the power wielded by Hitler's ruthless secret police force, the Gestapo.

"I think the way Mr. Goodell has handled this ... he's kind of using his power, as kind of like a Gestapo-type situation, controlling the players, not letting the judicial system do its work," Toomer said during an interview on ESPN Radio.

Toomer went on to say Goodell's style had rubbed a lot of players the wrong way, which is why many had lashed out.

"It's just way too much power for one person to have, and a lot of players take real issue with the way he's using this power," Toomer said.

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson made headlines in March when he compared the NFL labor situation to "modern-day slavery."

The most recent round of mediation between the league and players adjourned Wednesday until May 16.

The talks, held in a federal courtroom in Minneapolis, garnered little progress, according to NFL.com.