2023 NFL odds: Two wild long-shot predictions to wager on right now

2023 NFL odds: Two wild long-shot predictions to wager on right now

Updated Jul. 7, 2023 2:10 p.m. ET

The NFL Season is getting closer, and expectations are high for teams across the league to improve.

Several franchises have made moves this offseason in hopes to compete with top-tier squads like the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Detroit Lions, who currently sit with the fourth-best odds (+900) to win the NFC Championship, are a great example of a team with big expectations this season. The Lions have slowly been building a competitive roster and fell just short of securing a playoff berth in 2022, so it doesn't seem farfetched to speculate that the Lions could make a deep run in 2023.

Another team expected to make noise are the New York Jets. Gang Green added Aaron Rodgers, and as a result, bettors have been diving in to wager on their success.  


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However, neither of these teams was the topic of conversation with "The Herd" co-host Jason McIntyre, who recently shared his bold NFL Predictions for the 2023 season. 

While these predictions may seem ambitious, could they possibly happen?

As bettors, let's take a look at his two actionable predictions:

Steelers to make AFC Championship game:

The Pittsburgh Steelers. They're going to the AFC Championship game. Give me the Pittsburgh Steelers. I will take all of your love for Kenny Pickett who, the last seven games [last season], was a top 11 quarterback in the league. He's mature and looked sharp to end the season. 

The defense will be back and really good. I've already bet them in Week 1… I'm just telling you for me… this Steelers team is a ‘Buy.' I can definitely see them going to the AFC Championship game. I know it's a minefield out there with the Chiefs obviously loaded, Bengals, the New York Jets and that team in Buffalo, but Pittsburgh is damn good, and I would not be totally shocked if they won the division. I irrationally like this Pittsburgh Steelers team. 

PICK: Steelers (+2500) to win AFC Championship 
PICK: Steelers (+450) to win the AFC North

Saints to win NFC Championship 

The winner of the NFC will be the New Orleans Saints. … This is a pretty damn good roster with a lot of veterans that know how to win. The big question is Colin [Cowherd] is not buying their coach … but I will remind everyone, last year at this time, nobody had the Philadelphia Eagles going to the Super Bowl, and they come out of nowhere and [get] the best record. I'm just telling you, that Saints division, they can easily go 6-0. The division is weak.Saints getting home-field advantage is in play.

PICK: Saints (+1700) to win NFC Championship
PICK: Saints (+120) to win the NFC South

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