Russell Westbrook: Charles 'Barkley can't dress to save his life'

November 3, 2015

In a recent interview with Bloomberg Pursuits, Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Russell Westbrook discussed fashion trends, his own style and preferences, and how he hopes to change the industry.

Westbrook expressed an optimistic view about men's fashion, saying that basically any guy can look good with a few tweaks here or there. 

Any guy, that is, other than TNT analyst Charles Barkley:

Westbrook may be getting a long-awaited shot in at Barkley, who mocked Westbrook's fashion sense a few years ago by wearing his trademark lensless glasses during a TNT telecast, which was mentioned in the interview:


(h/t For The Win

With the proper guidance, he believes, any man can learn to look good. Well, almost any man. “Barkley can’t dress to save his life,” Westbrook concedes. “I’d just keep him in T-shirts.”

The jock code frowned on fashion. So when Westbrook wore his famous glasses, the jocks reacted as jocks do—with mockery. The next day, Charles Barkley and the crew of TNT’s Inside the NBA donned red glasses to tweak Westbrook’s unique style. (Barkley, who’s as smooth and round as a 400-pound Milk Dud, typically shrouds himself in suits that resemble gabardine muumuus.)