Report: Larry Brown wants 76ers to hire Iverson to front office

BY foxsports • June 17, 2015

Allen Iverson is one of the three or four best players in Philadelphia 76ers history. He's a once-in-a-generation talent and watching him embarrass opponents on a nightly basis was always an imaginative thrill. But does that mean the team should hire him as an assistant general manager?

Former Sixers head coach Larry Brown seems to think so. Here's what he recently told the Philadelphia Inquirer's Mike Sielski:

"Through the team's part-owner David Blitzer and Iverson's longtime manager Gary Moore, Brown has spent months lobbying the 76ers to hire Iverson as an assistant general manager. It would be a terrible move, treating an NBA franchise as if it were a halfway house where Iverson could put the broken pieces of his life together again. But Brown has pushed it anyway, in the hope of accomplishing an improbable goal: saving Iverson from himself.

"'I just wish there was some way that he could be involved,'"Brown said in a telephone interview Friday. 'Just teach him about the organization and let him figure it out, figure out how he can help. He can certainly judge talent. He certainly has people's respect. Kids will listen to anything he said. He's certainly bright as hell.'"

This would be problematic. Yes, some people respect Iverson, and he's a living legend to anyone entering the league who still remembers his prime. But that doesn't mean he's qualified to make weighty decisions, or even offer input that would be seriously considered by general manager Sam Hinkie. 

Plus, judging by recent allegations detailed in a new biography about Iverson, the 76ers might decide they don't want him offering any input whatsoever.

(h/t: Philadelphia Inquirer)

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