LeBron's epic chasedown block on Andre Iguodala was one of the best plays of his career

BY Andrew Lynch • June 20, 2016

LeBron James did everything he could to bring a long-awaited title home to Cleveland. He led all players in the NBA Finals in all five of the major statistical categories. He forced Game 7 with two of the best games of his career. And he chased down Andre Iguodala with the championship in the balance in the closing minutes on Sunday in one of the greatest plays we've ever seen:

Here's some visual perspective on that ridiculous feat of athleticism:

A little more context: According to ESPN (via SI.com), LeBron sprinted at 19 miles per hour to cover the distance on that block. When Usain Bolt broke the 100m world record at the 2009 World Championships, he averaged 23.35 miles per hour for the course of the race (although his peak speed far outpaced LeBron's, of course).

Between the spectacle of the play and everything was on the line, this is one of LeBron's greatest plays. It might be one of the greatest plays in all of basketball history. And it's definitely better than all the times that LeBron rejected Steph Curry over the last three games -- although those were pretty spectacular, too.

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