Even on Valentine's Day, Miami's Whiteside doesn't want a hug

BY foxsports • February 4, 2016

Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside is one extremely tall, exceptionally-mercurial basketball player. Despite his contentious attitude, odd behavior and the fact that NBA basketball involves harshly shoving big men out from under the spotlight, in a few month's time Whiteside will be roughly 100 times as wealthy as he is today. 

Until then he's just a shot-blocking quote board who's making less than half as much money as Trail Blazers big man Meyers Leonard. And he really doesn't like to be touched:

This is why NBA players need to have tiny microphones embedded in their jersey. The people should have access to legendary comments as they happen! Think about all the hilarious things Whiteside has said over the years, how many opportunities to laugh (mock and jeer) have been squandered?

Beyond the league-leading 3.9 blockers per game and fact that he's an efficient walking double-double, Whiteside's quirky character traits are the subtle wild card that might either prevent him from reaching his full potential or shove him right over the top. 

Like him or not, the league is a better place with unique personalities like Whiteside in it. And remember: He's all hugged out.