Drake accepts Reggie Miller's ping-pong challenge at All-Star Weekend

BY Jovan Buha • February 4, 2016

It appears as if Drake is willing to take on any challenger, whether it be in the booth or on a ping-pong table.

On Thursday, TNT NBA analyst and Indiana Pacers legend Reggie Miller challenged Drake, who is an avid ping-pong player, to a match when Miller is in Toronto next weekend to cover 2016 All-Star Weekend:

Drake, who rarely tweets, promptly responded, accepting the challenge and taking his first shot at Miller, referring to him by his given name, Reginald:

Miller might not understand what he's getting himself into. (Just ask Meek Mill.)

The Toronto Raptors' global ambassador has been posting Instagram videos of his ping-pong battles for months now, and it looks like the 6 God can hold his own in a rally:

He even has his own special gold-plated paddle:

Drake has the home-turf advantage, as the game will be played in his hometown of Toronto. But Miller is a commanding 6-foot-7 with a longer wingspan -- not to mention the fact that he's a former elite athlete -- so he can cover more ground on and around the table. 

It's unclear who has the advantage -- there is no visual evidence of Miller's ping-pong skills yet -- which makes the matchup even more enticing.

With the Shooting Stars competition gone this year, why not have Drake and Reginald go toe-to-toe on live TV during All-Star Saturday night?

Jovan Buha covers the NBA for FOX Sports. Follow him on Twitter: @jovanbuha.

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