The reason Marshawn Lynch skipped Seahawks’ White House trip

When it came to visiting the White House, Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was not about that action, boss.

On Wednesday, the champs dropped in on President Barack Obama in the customary trip for the Super Bowl winners, touring the White House and presenting the POTUS with a 12th Man flag.

Lynch, whose penchant for shying away from the limelight became well-known during Super Bowl media week, was noticeably absent. Now we know why, thanks to his mother.

“He just said he didn’t want to go,” she told The Seattle Times.

Delisa Lynch said Marshawn Lynch has been mourning the recent death of a family member. But she said they’d had some recent talks and she thought her son was going to attend the ceremony anyway.

“No particular reason was given to me,’’ she said. “He just said he didn’t want to go."

There you have it. Lynch treated a visit to the White House like a rainy Saturday night, deciding he would rather stay in than go to the movies. At least he’s consistent.

President Barack Obama holds up a ’12th man’ banner as he welcomed the Super Bowl champs.

That said, the Seahawks seemed to have a great time, taking selfies and laughing it up with the president, who still made mention of Lynch.

Obama said, "I’m sorry Marshawn (Lynch) is not here because I appreciate his approach to the press — and I want to get some tips from him."

Delisa Lynch also told the Times that it was “really considerate’’ that Obama mentioned her son “considering that he didn’t go.”

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