Angry Panthers grandpa smashes his TV in wild Super Bowl meltdown

A lot of Carolina Panthers fans must be feeling pretty terrible today after watching their team play poorly in Super Bowl 50 and lose to the Denver Broncos.

How many would go so far as to smash their beautiful TV, though?

That’s what Charles Green, a Panthers fan also known as "The Angry Grandpa," did during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl when Denver scored a touchdown to go up by two scores with a little more than three minutes remaining. For his latest video, Green gave us an epic meltdown (watch the video above but WARNING: bad language).

To be totally clear: This is a stunt by a funny guy who has a comedy show (although it is "real"). Still, it’ll give you a good laugh and is also an accurate depiction of what many fans would do if they had practically unlimited money. Like Chad Johnson: