Sterling blasts Magic, calls Anderson Cooper racist

Donald Sterling finally spoke to a national audience regarding his racist comments that were leaked in April. In the interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Sterling apologized for his comments, slammed Magic Johnson and other wealthy African Americans for not doing enough to help minorities, and even insinuated that Cooper is more of a racist than he is.

Early on in the interview, Sterling tried to gain viewers’ sympathy by describing what his granddaughter had to go through at school after the tapes were released.

Sterling took the stance of being set up by V. Stiviano and being "baited" into the comments. He claimed that jealousy is what fueled his comments and not race.  

While on the topic of jealousy, Sterling also asked if Cooper could relate to him being jealous when it comes to women.

Apparently, Sterling is unaware that Cooper’s gay. Cooper took to Twitter and had some fun with that. Also, some more reactions around Twitter:

Sterling then said that Cooper is the racist, not him. Yes, he went there.

Sterling then went on to bash Magic Johnson and successful black people. In his opinion, Jews help their people when they make it. Black people do not.

Cooper corrected Sterling and let him know Johnson does not have full-blown AIDS, but instead HIV, and also told him a few things Johnson has done for the community and as a businessman.

The interview came to an end with Sterling explaining how Stiviano broke his heart.

What do you think this interview did for Donald Sterling, if anything?