ALCS Game 4 chat: Kluwe, McCarthy

Chris Kluwe was back for another ALCS live chat, and Wednesday

he was joined by Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Brandon McCarthy.

Check out what the outspoken and always entertaining gentlemen had

to say during Game 4. And be sure to check out the replays of

Kluwe’s chats from




2 and




Kluwe grew up in Southern California among a colony of wild

chinchilllas and didn’t learn to communicate outside of

barking and howling until he was 14 years old. He has played

football in the NFL, once wrestled a bear for a pot of gold and

lies occasionally. He is also the eternal disappointment of his

mother, who just can’t understand why he hasn’t cured

cancer yet? Do you wonder why these bio things are in the third

person? I have no idea. Please tell me if you figure it


Brandon McCarthy is a pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks and

has also played for the White Sox, Rangers and A’s in his eight

major-league seasons. His Twitter feed is a