Golf streaker: I did it for Stricker

On Sunday, a nearly naked woman stormed the 18th fairway at the Presidents Cup, ran around with an American flag, had her photograph shown around the globe — but it was unclear whether she was apprehended by authorities.

On Monday, the long arm of the law proved that, even if you’re almost naked, the fuzz will reach out and grab you somewhere.

According to multiple reports, the streaker is 23-year-old Kimberly Webster, and she was indeed arrested on the course at Muirfield on Sunday. The penalty? Disorderly conduct and a $100 fine. So what drove Webster to grab her 5 minutes of topless fame? Here’s her story.

While Webster did not make it to Tiger Woods, she admitted he was her intended target. But she ended up streaking by Steve Stricker when, according to Columbus, Ohio, NBC affiliate WCMH, she had a stroke of genius.

"I thought that streaking for Stricker sounded great, so that’s kind of what I ran with," she told the station.

A fan of streaking and alliteration? Well, we here at sure are appreciative — and may even have a spot for her.

Webster was reportedly working at the Presidents Cup as a banquet worker and showed up on Sunday in her thong and pasties, covered in a raincoat. When the players took to the tee, she dropped the raincoat, grabbed Old Glory and away she went.

A Zapruder-esque film of the event even surfaced.

But the real kicker? Her reasons for making her sprint to international fame:

• "When I (searched the Internet for) top streakers of all time, it was all men, and I was like, ‘Let’s see what happens. Let’s try and change this a little bit.’"

• Naturally, she thought it would be "fun."

According to The Columbus Dispatch, Webster told radio station WZLX-FM in Boston that she is a Boston native who moved from Los Angeles to Columbus just a week ago to stay with her grandmother. Her grandmother’s response, according to The Dispatch?

"She said her grandmother thought her near-nude appearance was ‘funny,’ while her mother was livid."

But not everything about the incident was fun and games and gettin’ mom all riled up. Webster admitted there were a few moments of panic once the police got a hold of her.

"I called my friend that’s a police officer and I was like, ‘What are my charges going to be? Am I going to be a sex offender for this? What am I going to do?’ And actually, he said that he would pay for the fines and whatever my bail was if I did it," she told WCMH.

H/t: Deadspin