Okla. State fan’s raunchy sign may have earned him a date with an adult star

Adult actress Lisa Ann reached out to an Oklahoma State fan on Twitter after noticing his sign on TV.

Michael Stewart/WireImage/Getty

On Saturday, an Oklahoma State freshman named Matt McGann managed to get a raunchy sign on national television when he sneaked a poster comparing Baylor€’s defense to an adult film star onto the set of "College Gameday" and held it up in the sea of signs usually found behind the show’s hosts.

Naturally, the sign — which can be seen here in all its NSFW glory — got a few chuckles on social media, and McGann became mildly Internet-famous as a result. However, even McGann likely never expected that Lisa Ann, the performer referenced in the poster, would end up among the sign’s fans.

But sure enough, there she was, giving McGann credit on Twitter and even possibly setting up a date for Oklahoma State’s season finale against Oklahoma on Dec. 7.

I don’t know whether McGann and Ann will ever actually hang out, but if she actually does rearrange her schedule to visit OSU for the OU game, it will be bedlam indeed.