No Katherine Webb-gate 2 with UCF QB’s girlfriend at Fiesta Bowl

Sooooo…. this is Lindsey Duke.

She’s the smokin’-hot girlfriend of Central Florida QB Blake Bortles. "She’s way more famous than I am," Bortles said this week. So much more famous, thanks to social media, that if you Google her, you get millions of results, while if you Google her boyfriend, you get fewer than 300,000.

That even prompted UCF coach George O’Leary to say "She deserves 6 million Googles" when asked about her.

With such a traffic-stopper in attendance at Wednesday’s Fiesta Bowl vs. Baylor — she traveled to Arizona with Bortles’ family for the game — there was all kinds of potential for another Katherine Webb-gate. Remember that?

Well, ESPN decided O’Leering was all the old man creepery they wanted to give us and made sure this bowl game didn’t turn into a drool-fest. Did they even show Duke once? We sure didn’t see her. But we saw Bortles all night on the way to offensive MVP honors in UCF’s 52-42 win.

There must’ve been some memo about keeping girlfriends and wives off camera. Did you see how RG3’s wife reacted when the camera found them?

And yet they made sure to find Bryce Petty’s mom in the stands when the Baylor QB flipped into the end zone for a TD.

No comment from O’Leary on how many Googles Mrs. Petty deserves. We’ll assume more than a few.