San Jose not amused by ‘Sharknado’

On Thursday night, a terrible/awesome science fiction film
called “Sharknado” debuted on Syfy and caused
quite the stir on Twitter, where countless
viewers were chomping at the bit to debate the merits of the movie,
which depicted a storm resulting in killer sharks taking over Los

No, really, that was the plot.

Anyway, the San Jose Sharks were not as amused to find that they
were being lumped in with the “Sharknado” discussion, and made it
known Friday, responding to prodding tweets from a certain sports

And a Western Conference rival:

Anyone who follows the Los Angeles
Twitter account
knows that the NHL has a snarky way about it
when it comes to social media, and this was the perfect example of
it — borrowing a tweet from one of FOX Sports 1’s newest

There were no beef with FOX Sports, though. We love the NHL:

And if you’re wondering what you missed during “Sharknado”
— starring Tara Reid! — this about sums it up: