Ty the Giant Schnauzer wins the 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Working Group

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Ty the Giant Schnauzer wins the 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Working Group

ANNOUNCER: The Giant Schnauzer appeared in Germany in the late 1800s. It was almost certainly a herding dog, but became popular as a guard or a watch dog. The Miniature Schnauzer, which is shown as a Terrier, and the Standard and Giant, which are shown here as working dogs, are three distinct breeds. This is Giant Schnauzer, number nine.

FEMALE COMMENTATOR: And as we said at the top of the show, the number one dog in the country is here tonight. This is Ty, who's being shown by Katie Bernardin.

MALE COMMENTATOR 1: And that ranking is based on what?

FEMALE COMMENTATOR: That's based on dogs defeated. So that means Ty went to dog shows all across the country this year and was best in show or top dog the most.

MALE COMMENTATOR 1: Earned that ranking.


MALE COMMENTATOR 1: --college football ranking. You can win in places like Orlando, Philadelphia or at least you show well.

FEMALE COMMENTATOR: That's right. And he broke the record for the breed. He's the all-time top running Giant Schnauzer in the breed now. He won his national specialty. And now he's-- oh, looks like he's putting on a great show tonight.

JUDGE: Thank you.

MALE COMMENTATOR 2: That's what they do when they've been to so many shows. They learn the routine and they perform every time.

FEMALE COMMENTATOR: Katie won best junior handler at Westminster in 2004. So she's been in the spot light before.

MALE COMMENTATOR 2: He's going to start making his final cut.

FEMALE COMMENTATOR: Another large group, 29 dogs in here tonight.

MALE COMMENTATOR 1: You're listening to Gayle Miller Bisher, Jason Hoke.

MALE COMMENTATOR 2: And we have the Akita and the Alaskan Malamute. The Black Russian.

FEMALE COMMENTATOR: Jamie Clute handling. He won the herding group last night with the Border Collie. Doberman, Dillon.

MALE COMMENTATOR 1: Look at that. Already that's a kind of a fantastic four, right there.

MALE COMMENTATOR 2: And the Giant Schnauzer.

FEMALE COMMENTATOR: Ty, the number one dog in the country.


FEMALE COMMENTATOR: Monet. That's such a cute a cute name. Oh, the [INAUDIBLE]. And the Siberian Husky.

MALE COMMENTATOR 2: We hear the crowd reacting. Some of them are happy and some wanted a different dog out there.

JUDGE: Back them right up please. One at a time.

MALE COMMENTATOR 2: A little high five before we go around the ring.

FEMALE COMMENTATOR: Crowds love this last look.

MALE COMMENTATOR 2: There's the Malamute. Mark Stone.

FEMALE COMMENTATOR: Ringo, the Black Russian Terrier.

MALE COMMENTATOR 1: Either one of you care to venture into which way our judge is leaning?


FEMALE COMMENTATOR: I don't know what Mr. Slay's-- there's no telling. But he's got a lot of top dogs. Obviously Ty here, is number one ranked in the country. But that doesn't--


MALE COMMENTATOR 2: The Akita was the top-running one of all time. You have a Siberian that's been doing very well.

MALE COMMENTATOR 1: It's a highly competitive group.

MALE COMMENTATOR 2: Very competitive.


MALE COMMENTATOR 2: Well, working group right now is one of the best groups I think. We've really seen an uptick in the quality of dogs.

FEMALE COMMENTATOR: Here's Andy, a Newfoundland.

MALE COMMENTATOR 2: Fan favorite of the crowd, that's for sure.

FEMALE COMMENTATOR: And the Canadians, I'm sure, at home, are also rooting for him.


FEMALE COMMENTATOR: And Nick, the Siberian Husky.

MALE COMMENTATOR 2: One last look.

MALE COMMENTATOR 1: Robert Slay, from North Carolina, graduated from southern Mississippi. A little southern comfort.

FEMALE COMMENTATOR: He calls out Ty, the Giant Schnauzer. Nick, the Akita, is in second this time. Monet, the Kuvasz and the Siberian Husky, Nick.

JUDGE: The Giant Schnauzer is number one, two--


MALE COMMENTATOR 1: Our sixth group winner. Ty, taking the working group.

FEMALE COMMENTATOR: He's very excited as he should be, as he should be.

MALE COMMENTATOR 2: A great win today.

FEMALE COMMENTATOR: He's the top winning Giant Schnauzer in breed history.

MALE COMMENTATOR 1: So a Giant Schnauzer joins a Sussex Spaniel from earlier tonight. And tough competition for Ty to survive and edged a pack of very, very impressive dogs.

FEMALE COMMENTATOR: Very tough group, very tough group. A lot of top dogs out there.

MALE COMMENTATOR 2: He's looking cool and collected here. And he knows he won.



FEMALE COMMENTATOR: He knows he won and Katie is so happy. Just wants to grab him because you think they're a team. They've traveled together, they work together every weekend.

MALE COMMENTATOR 1: It's a lot to hug with a Giant Schnauzer and a giant win in the best dog show you can be a part of. On the floor here, at Madison Square Garden, Karen is with the winner.

KAREN: Thanks so much. Congratulations to you. You know, was it business as usual tonight? Or did the Giant Schnauzer just show better than ever?

KATIE BERNARDIN: He knew. He knew it was important, but he always tries hard.

KAREN: Do you feel it's different for you when you're out here together? Do you prepare differently?

KATIE BERNARDIN: No, nothing special. Just-- it's our job, day in and day out.

KAREN: And lastly, if someone at home is interested in a Giant Schnauzer, what's the most rewarding part of owning one? It's OK.

KATIE BERNARDIN: I'm just so excited.

KAREN: I know you're so excited. I know you have to collect yourself before best in show. I will just congratulate you one more time and wish you the best of luck. Jenny, back to you.