Stephen Jackson delivers a strong message for Chandler Parsons after David Fizdale was fired

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In his conversation with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor, an outraged Stephen Jackson discusses Chandler Parsons' poor play, challenging the Memphis Grizzlies SF to play better and 'earn his money.'

JOY TAYLOR: Stephen you--

- See my first line. We're not brothers.

JOY TAYLOR: Yes, yea. You guys kept going back and forth. So what's your take on what he said?

- Well first of all, shout out to Coach Fizz. I think he got dealt a raw deal. Any time you go to war, you need soldiers. They took all his soldiers. Zach gone, Tony Allen gone, he has no soldiers. So he's left with the blame.

But Chandler, to whom much is given, much is required. I think if you put Draymond on Memphis and give him 100 million and they don't win, they're going to kill Draymond. They're going to scrutinize him to death. Haven't said one thing about Chandler Parsons.

He hasn't been playing well. Play well. You're getting 100 million. You should play well.

Me personally, I love the game of basketball. It's done a lot for my family. It's done a lot for my life. I've always played it with a certain passion that's been unmatched for a long time.

SKIP BAYLESS: Right, and you still do.

- We came up two different ways. So when I say that we are not similar at all, and we are not brothers, it's because we have two different upbringings.

And newsflash-- all basketball players are not cool. All basketball players don't hang together. I can count my basketball friends, who I consider my brothers, on my two hands. So everybody's not cool. So the brotherhood it's blown out of proportion. Because I was scrutinized by a lot of players when I was playing. When I went in the stands and decided to have Ron's back, a lot of players said I shouldn't have been in the NBA.

- Right.

- So the brotherhood is not what people say. So with Chandler Parsons, what it all boils down to-- play better, do a better job, and earn your money. And that's what he's not doing. And if he felt that I took a shot at him it's because I did.

Because he's not the only guy that makes 100 million that's not playing well. But he's not getting scrutinized like other guys would. And that's just all what it boils down to. The truth hurts.

And even, excuse me, and even with Marc Gasol. He's one of the best big men in the league. No question. But look at the big men we have, the seven footers we have now. They're getting triple doubles. They're playing point guard. Marc's not doing that. His shooting percentage has dropped. So he has to take some of the blame too.

- Right.

- And that's what people are not saying.

- How much of this is Coach Fizdale and Marc Gasol having a relationship that's irreparably harmed. And you can't continue down this path if there's no chance of reconciliation.

- Well, anytime you're not winning, everything magnifies. Everything blows up. The littlest arguments can be big.

SKIP BAYLESS: [INAUDIBLE] went to the playoffs last year.

- They fired Lionel Hollins right after they made the Western Conference finals. So obviously they're not make some-- they're not making the right decisions in the office.

- Right.

- We're given Chandler Parsons 100 million after two knee surgeries. How many people, how many players you know can get 100 million after two knee surgeries?