Chris Haynes lays out all the ties between Kevin Durant and the Knicks

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Chris Haynes joins Jason Whitlock and Marcellus Wiley to discuss Kevin Durant's impending free agency after the 2018-19 NBA season. Haynes explains why the New York Knicks may be in the running.

- All this transparency is not a good sign for Golden State. If you're sticking in Golden State, I don't know if you need to be all that transparent.

- Exactly. To me, I mean, it's an amazing experience. I get all that. But don't think you the only one DMing her. Like you know what I'm saying? Like other teams are like, we got packages out here too. And you know, curiosity can get the best of us. So I mean, you know this team. You know him. Very close intimate connection. What do you think?

- Well I just think right now, I know from the Warriors standpoint, they would hope that he would just shelve of all the free agency talk. You know, they're going through a little contract situation with the guy by the name of Patrick McCaw, who is not even a rotation guy, and they got to the point where Coach Kerr a couple of days ago was like, look, we're not talking about Patrick McCaw right now. You know, we want to focus on this team. So if they're saying that about Patrick, I know that they hope and wish that Durant wouldn't be so transparent, at least during the course of the regular season when they they're trying to get that third straight NBA championship.

- He can make this season a soap opera, and Chris so far right now, you would be the costar of this soap opera, because this morning you indicated that the Knicks may be a possibility for Kevin Durant. Expound on that for a minute.

- That's been out there for a while. You know look, he has a representative, his business partner Rich Kleinman is based in New York. His business is based there in New York. There's a lot of ties there. And they're going to have cap space in order to bring in not one, but a couple of marquee players such as Durant. So that's going to be a team that I know that's going to be intriguing when it's all said and done let's keep this in mind you know I said this before, but we think about the Golden State Warriors even though Kevin Durant is the second best player in the league. I think most of us would agree with that. It's still Steph's team.

And so him leaving or bolting, it wouldn't have the same ramifications that it did when he left OKC. So if the Golden State loses in the finals or wins in the finals, we believe they will get there. It's not any pressure on him to bounce, because I don't think that he feels like he's endeared there as much as some of the other players who've been there from day one.

- That's a good point. I mean there are some parallels between LeBron James and when he went to the Heat, and there was an out for him to go, because that was still Duane's team and Duane County and all that stuff, so I get all that. Not sure if you have any kids, you have any kids?

- I got four.

- Four? Oh God.

- All girls. All girls.

- It don't crack, does it?

- Oh my God, you got four girls.

- Four girls. In first state you were an animal, huh? Let me let this go. So you've seen the Lion King 1,001 times.

- Yes I have.

- The circle of life. And let's talk about how the circle of life applies to Kevin Durant. This is what happens for every single athlete I've ever met, and in private they will all agree to this. First thing you want is the money. Let's not act like anything else matters. After that we want the accolades. And people always say, no, you want the accolades first. No you don't. You don't want to be all NBA and making $600,000. You don't want to be all pro making $1 million. You want to get the money, then the accolades.

What comes after that is peace of mind. Like I just want everything to be still, let me enjoy the moment, stay in the present. Then the next step is happiness. That means all of a sudden if I'm LeBron James, I want to go somewhere and expand my empire, expand my career, my movie interests. If I'm Kevin Durant, I got my business interests. How can I make those explode even more so?

I think he's right in that place between peace of mind finally just taking it in, hey y'all hate me, forget it, I don't care. But where can I go and elevate this? Sometimes you get stale. Success can get stale. Coaches always say that. Don't get bored with success. He might get bored with it. Another finals MVP. Steph's team. Oh, it was kind of easy. And you never know.

- But one second, Chris, before I want to add another layer to Marcellus's deal. I think what Kevin Durant wants, and I think those things are right, but respect. Respect is the issue. And when I hear you say that New York is a possibility, I still think Kevin Durant is still in that mindset I want to be the man. I want to unseat LeBron James. And New York is a place where he could potentially do it. You know, you've got a media center out here in L.A., but the ultimate media center is New York. And if he wants to-- if he can be the king of New York, he could potentially unseat LeBron.