Jason Whitlock: Carmelo Anthony is ‘delusional’ and the Rockets should avoid signing him

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Chris Mannix and Greg Jennings join Jason Whitlock and Jason McIntyre to discuss Carmelo Anthony's reluctance to come off the bench.

- Carmelo's delusional like most athletes. He's still-- look, I still think I can play football. And I can barely get out of bed most days. He's delusional. And it's a bad sign as why the Rockets stay away.

GREG JENNINGS: I don't think you stay away. I was clearly wrong last year with CP3 and James Harden being able to get it done. Completely wrong about that. They figured a way. I think if you tailor to who he is and obviously D'Antoni doesn't not like Melo as much as we think, it could possibly work.


CHRIS MANNIX: I don't-- I don't think you-- I don't think you stay away at this point. Because I don't think he can screw it up any more than it already is right now. I mean, it's screwed up in the sense that losing Trevor Ariza took a big piece of their defensive identity. Losing Mbah a Moute took another front court player out of the mix. They are going to change from a team that was a top 10 defensive team last year into one that's probably going to be, at best, middle of the pack. Most likely, bottom third.

So if you're going to be that team anyway, you might as well go all in on offense. And Mike D'Antoni has evolved as a head coach to the point where once he was seven seconds or less move the basketball all the time. Now he's 21 seconds or more, and let's isolate everybody. So you might as well go all in with this offensive identify.

JASON MACINTYRE: Let's backtrack here on Melo. So he was in Denver, went to a Western Conference final. Then he demanded his way out of Denver. OK. Demanded a trade. Goes to New York. Doesn't want to mess with Jeremy Lin. Get this guy out of here. Fights with Mike D'Antoni. Tells the Knicks, it's me or D'Antoni.

Then he demands a trade from the Knicks. He gets to OKC. What happens? I'm not coming off the bench. Are you kidding me? This is a guy who's been toxic everywhere he's been. I don't think this is a move at all.

And I want to remind you Greg Jennings, LeBron James is boys with Carmelo. LeBron James last week took Michael Beasley off the scrap heap instead of even looking at Carmelo Anthony.

- I understand that when it comes to LA and LeBron James. And he needs the right fit. When it comes to the Houston Rockets, I don't know per se if they're looking for the right fit. They're looking to collaborate and get guys that can put them over the top. And when you look at what they lacked last year against Golden State, James Harden wore down. You had CP3 get hurt. You had no offense coming from anywhere else. You were looking for.

JASON WHITLOCK: There was nothing that happened with the Rockies last year that said, you know what? They need Melo.

GREG JENNINGS: I'm not-- I'm not saying-- I'm not saying what they-- what they did says, come get me-- come get Melo. But what I'm saying is, he can't, to your point, Chris, he won't hurt them.

CHRIS MANNIX: They've already made the mistake.

GREG JENNINGS: Who hasn't he hurt? I mean, literally.

- I mean, we're looking at all the neg-- go ahead, Chris.

CHRIS MANNIX: No, no. I mean, look. You're right that he-- look, he goes to Denver, problems, Knicks, problems you can dump a lot of those on Phil Jackson too over there. Oklahoma City just didn't work out because the chemistry wasn't very good amongst those guys. Look, the Rockets should have brought the band back together. That group was up 3-2 in the conference finals. Bring back Ariza. Bring back Mbah a Moute. Now that they didn't, screw it. Bring Carmelo in, see if they can catch lightning in a bottle.

JASON WHITLOCK: I don't think you all-- you all missing MacIntyre's excellent point, which he should've put the exclamation point on it. Jim Boeheim and Syracuse don't want Carmelo back. Nobody-- nobody-- it's over for Melo. He can't help.

- Well the problem is, people think they're getting Hoodie Melo, the guy on Instagram who doesn't miss shots and is awesome in the gym. Or they're getting Olympic Melo, who looks great surrounded by Kevin Durant and all these great players.

I just don't see-- defensively, he's indifferent. He just doesn't want to guard anybody. And then you tell him, hey, stop being a black hole and just sitting on the wing and shooting threes. And he's not taking anybody off the bounce.

CHRIS MANNIX: I hear you. But the alternative right now is Ryan Anderson. And everybody beats Ryan Anderson too. So it's like, he makes more threes and maybe he fits the system a little bit better--

JASON MACINTYRE: Well you remember what happened to Ryan Anderson against Curry in Game 7, right? They put him on the floor every single time--

- Is Ryan Anderson willing to come off the bench?

- He is, yes.

- Melo is the problem.

- He has no other option.

- He's got like, $15 million too.

- We're going to clip MacIntyre's statement and put it on the internet. It was tremendous.