Dahntay Jones reveals why Game 2 against LeBron’s Cavs is the most important of the series for Toronto

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Ahead of tonight's 2018 Eastern Conference Playoff matchup between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Raptors, Dahntay Jones reveals why game two against LeBron's Cavs is the most important of the series for Toronto. Who wins tonight?

- I've got a weird take on this series. I think Cleveland's going to-- and LeBron's going to embarrass them again tonight-- but I still think it's a six or seven game series. I love Cleveland in the business suits, on the road, with a business mentality. They had one of the worst records at home, Cleveland did, against the spread all during the regular season. I like them better on the road, completely focused. I think LeBron, tonight, is going to be desperate because I think he wants rest. And he'd like to end this series as soon as possible.

- This next game is Game 7 for both teams. If Toronto loses this game, it's a sweep. Confidence-wise they're in the tubes. If Cleveland wins this game, they know they can take this whole series. So this is the most important game of the series for Toronto, because they lose all confidence if they lose this next game.

They had the environment in Toronto. It's basically USA versus Canada when you play at Toronto in a playoff game. However, they have to take advantage of it. They can't get this game, you're in a bind. You can't come back from that.

- The worst thing in the world happened to Toronto that could happen. LeBron had a bad game, the best players get a rhythm, and they win. They're in trouble now. You don't let JR Smith, KK, Love, you allowed all these guys to get a rhythm. You D'ed up LeBron well last game. He had a tough game, and they were still able to win. LeBron ain't going to play bad tonight.


- He's going to come out and have a crazy game. And if JR and K-Love are hitting, they don't have a chance.

- Yeah. Look, I think Cleveland can beat them in five if they want. Cleveland gets compla-- you were on the team. You know they get complacent at times, I think. I think now, even more so. Even in games against Indiana, I thought there were games in that series where Cleveland would get out to a big lead, and then kind of let their foot off the gas. Next thing you know, it's a 2-point game, it's a 3-point game. And they have to play big.

I think they'll probably let go a little bit. They're saying in their minds, they want to go out and win, and go up 2-0. But I think they'll let go a little bit. And that's why they could lose and let them back in the series.

- Let me throw a curveball at you all. We didn't prepare for this, but I just want to throw it out. You're calling this a Game 7, most important game for Toronto. If Toronto loses tonight and gets embarrassed in this series, does Toronto need to Mark Jackson, Dwane Casey and say, he can't get us to the next level. We need to bring another coach in here.

- Well, you've got to put some of that ownership on the players to, now. The coach can only do so much. Now, I was one guy that said, you know, I think this is going to be DeMar DeRozan's coming out party. They got up 20. I thought he was good enough to go out there and finish the game for them.

The stars are letting us down, too. So if you want to talk about the coach letting us down, let's talk about the players, too.

- They don't have a superstar. I mean, generally, to get to the conference finals, you need a superstar. It happens occasionally if you don't have one, but they don't have that. Every superstar they've had-- Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady, Chris Bosh-- they've left. So they just got a bunch of guys that will be happy in Toronto.

DeMar is a star. I wouldn't say superstar. Lowry has become a star, but he was a journeyman before he got to Toronto. And then everybody else is guys from different countries that will be happy there. I don't know much that they can do other than be a good solid team, and their fans be happy with getting in the playoffs.

- I agree with you. They don't have a guy in the fourth quarter that can dominate a game and take the game home for them, especially against LeBron James. That's their weakness. That's their kryptonite. That's the person that they can't-- that's the team and the person they can't get over.

STEPHEN JACKSON: That's the whole league.


- But some teams have adjustments in coaching.

- Somebody jump in front of this bullet. Somebody jump in front of his bullet. Do they have better personnel than Utah? And Utah is taking on the top team in the league right now? Does Toronto have better personnel than Utah?

- No.

- No.

- No.

- Gobert's very--

- Defensive Player of the Year. Might be Defensive Player of the Year. You've got Donovan Mitchell.

- Rookie of the Year.

- Rookie of the Year. Possible Rookie of the Year.

DAHNTAY JONES: Co-Rookie of the Year.

- That's two. See? That was a bad question.



- It wasn't no Andrew Wiggins who can play as a two-way player.


It wasn't that bad.