Jason Whitlock explains why Charles Barkley owes Draymond Green an apology

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Jason Whitlock talks NBA with Colin Cowherd. Find out why he thinks that Charles Barkley should apologize to Draymond Green.

- Whitlock, does Barkley owe Draymond an apology?

- A huge Charles Barkley fan-- huge. Biggest fan. He's got to apologize here. He made a mistake.

I think he's aware of it. I just don't think you sit on TV, particularly when your job is to market the game, and disrespect one of your peers and colleagues, one of the stars of the-- stars, role-player, whomever. It shouldn't have happened.

I just think Charles got caught up in being Charles Barkley. He's a little over the top and he's trying to be funny. I expect Charles to apologize and back away from these statements.

- It's 2018, people have apologized for less. But I mean, when you watch that, it was television. Like, I didn't take it seriously. Shaq's laughing, Kenny's laughing, Ernie laughing. Like I never once thought, you know, Charles is going to punch him in the face.

- I didn't think that, but you just don't say those type things.

- Did it bother you?

- I mean it bothered me, no, but I think he should apologize. I think he crossed a line. Like he said things, he called LeBron's move when he went to Miami a punk move. You know, he said things that are fine. But you can't advocate violence. That's the thing. I might give him a pass, I hate to say it this way, if I thought he really would punch him.

You know, like if when he, but he's going to see Draymond in the Western Conference Finals, and he it's not going to be any problem. Maybe he'll be like try to smile in his face or whatever. But I think sometimes Charles thinks that what he says on camera, guys aren't really going to take that way.

Because you've heard a lot of players say, well, when I see him, he's cool and he'll laugh in my face and smile in my face. But then on TV, he's going to say stuff that's going to get you upset.

- Certain things, like to say, you just can't say. You know, I think Draymond responded the way any man would respond, you know? If you feel that way, then do it. If not, shut up. I think Shaq, like you said, he gets caught, I mean not Shaq, excuse me, Charles get caught up too much in Chuck on TNT, instead of being Charles Barkley.

You know, you can say certain things as being on TNT as that character as Chuck, but you got to live with those words, you know? And you can't talk about pun--, you want to punch him when there's a guy sitting two seats away from you that you had an actual fight with.

If you don't have a problem with him, how could you have a problem with a guy that you barely even know? So Chuck, you know, a lot of players respect Chuck. But when he's on TV being a character, being Chuck instead of Charles Barkley, that's what a lot of players don't respect.

- I think he made a mistake and I think he's going to cop to it. I'll say this, and I'm throwing a bit of a curve ball here, but between what Chuck just did, Russell Westbrook slapping at a fan, and last night Kendrick Perkins and Drake getting into it, it's like, I don't think these things would be going on if David Stern were the commissioner of this league.

I think Adam Silver is so soft and there's so little respect for him, that people are doing things completely out of character. Chris, you know very well, David Stern would go off on the television broadcasters. He'd call whoever's in control at ESPN or whoever's [INAUDIBLE]. If he didn't like something that was being done on air, he would voice that opinion very strongly.

I don't think Chuck would have made this mistake if David Stern were in the office. I think there would be repercussions for what Westbrook did. I don't think Kendrick Perkins would be fighting with Drake if there was some authority in the NBA.

- I disagree. Yeah, look, you're right. Stern ruled with an iron fist. But come on, Charles Barkley spit on a fan under David Stern's watch. You know--

- And got punished for it.

- Yeah, but stuff was happening. I mean the Knicks and the Rockets in the finals, you know, it was like a boxing match. The malice in the palace was under Stern's watch. Reggie Miller and Spike Lee, that was make believe fun, but--

- You had Drake and Kendrick Perkins--


- Reggie Miller and Spike Lee going at it during the playoffs.

- Kendrick Perkins ain't even dressed out.

- You can't, but you can't take that that serious though. That wasn't really what they blowing it up to be. That's just words between Drake and Perkins, which was died right there.

That's not a serious beat. But people respect what Chuck say. People listen to Chuck. You can't just say, punch somebody. That's a whole different situation.

Now David Stern, you're right. He would jump into some stuff it is beneficial for the league. But if it's a player that nobody really cares about, he's going to let that slide. So I agree with you to a certain extent. He put his foot down on certain stuff, but only when it was beneficial for the league. Not just doing the right thing. He never did that.

- I mean even under, Stern was still commissioner when Barkley said LeBron, who was the best player in the league, made a punk move.

- Right.

- That could have been detrimental to the league and he still let that, I'm just saying--

- That's more defensible than what he did last night, I think. The whole--

- I agree. But I'm just saying Stern didn't jump on Bark--

- I tend to think and I can't wait to hear what Chuck says tonight. I tend to think he's looking at Draymond, who had some antics going on in the first half when he was hot. I think Chuck sees himself. Because that's what kind of blew me away, is like, well hold on. Draymond is kind of the modern day Charles Barkley.

- With less skill.

- Yeah. And so I think Chuck sees himself in Draymond and inappropriately expressed some frustration with what Draymond doing, because it was like, you're doing the same thing I was doing.

- Draymond does a lot of stuff that Chuck couldn't do too. Like you can't say he's just way more talented than Draymond. Draymond does stuff that Chuck couldn't do. He's a better passer.

- Defensive.

- A better teammate.


- Better defender.

- Better practice player for sure. Charles didn't practice.