Kyrie Irving or Isaiah Thomas – Who is handling the Cavs-Celtics trade better?

Colin Cowherd, Jason Whitlock, Kristine Leahy and Jason McIntyre talk Kyrie Irving and his move to the Boston Celtics.

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- Cowherd, who's handling the trade better, Kyrie or Isaiah Thomas?

- Neither, because they both went through really difficult public divorces. And I've always had sympathy for players who get traded. I know they're rich, but that doesn't solve all the world's resentment. This is tough. This is why Russ and KD are taking shots and wearing t-shirts and doing cupcakes or whatever.

Listen, man, I've been divorced. Divorces are hard. Try being in the most public divorce in the country. Kyrie and Isaiah Thomas, I mean, basically, Kyrie thought everybody loved him. Wait, LeBron likes Chris Paul. Yeah, he's ticked off.

It's embarrassing. And Isaiah Thomas, I'm your guy-- oh wait. You don't think I'm as good as my rival point guard. That's tough for players.

- Look, I'm not going to come down hard on either one, but I like Isaiah Thomas' approach better than Kyrie's. Kyrie has taken a pot-shot at the city of Cleveland. Well, what did the city of Cleveland do to him? Nothing.

Isaiah Thomas is focused. He thinks Danny Ainge betrayed him. He was all in. I get where Isaiah Thomas is coming from-- last guy selected, Mr. Irrelevant of the NBA. Kyrie Irving was the number one pick in that draft.

This is a little dude with a chip on his shoulder, and I don't blame him for having it. I think he's going to be motivated. If I'm Cleveland, I love the way Isaiah Thomas is handling it. This dude sounds irate, and like a guy that's going to play like his rear end's on fire.

- Except for the fact that he was the man in Boston, and now he's relegated to being like Lebron's wing man-- if that, I mean, with Dwyane Wade there now. I mean, I feel bad for Isaiah Thomas, but I keep coming back to this. Why can't two things be true here? Kyrie Irving got what he wanted. He got shipped out of town, and he got to maybe the best team in the East with maybe the best coach in the league.

And Isaiah Thomas got screwed. Let's be frank, guys. In the playoffs, he said, we're going to back up the Brinks truck in the off-season. He said that. Boston backed up the moving truck and shipped him out of town. I mean, I feel bad for the guy.

Look, he's coming out now saying, the doctors could have told me not to play in the postseason. That's how bad my hip was. He sacrificed, played in the postseason, and what do you get now?

- So do you think Isaiah's handling it better?

- I think so.

- Yeah, good.

- I think what we're seeing--

- I agree.

- --is that both of them are not quite over their ex yet. Not meaning that Kyrie didn't want the trade, but he still feels slighted by whatever LeBron did, or whatever the Cavs were doing, and Isaiah feels the same way. Because you're not over your ex until you stop talking about them, right?

And I think this is totally healthy. This is good. It shows that they were both in love with their old teams, and it hurts, so I respect that-- that they loved the game. But what helps the most, right, when you break up with someone? You know. I know you're not married, but you--

- The next person.

- The next person. So unfortunately for Isaiah, it's going to take a little longer to find the next person because he can't play for a while.

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