Nick Wright reacts to Russell Westbrook notching a triple-double to help OKC snap Toronto’s 11-game win streak

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In his discussion with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright reacts to Russell Westbrook notching a triple-double to help the Oklahoma City Thunder snap Toronto's 11-game win streak. Do you agree with Nick in his analysis about how Paul George compliments Russ?

NICK WRIGHT: Here's the reason that I-- that to me I'm disappointed Oklahoma City is not better. Even if they're not as good as Golden State or Houston. But not a team that I thought you know, what credibly if the right breaks fall their way, they could beat Golden State Warriors because I don't think they can.

Paul George, while he's not a superstar-- not one of the eight best players in the league-- he is, to me, exactly what you want for your second best player on a team. A guy that plays both ways. A guy that's a great defender. A guy that doesn't have to take over games. A guy that-- when I say, doesn't have to take over games, I mean, you don't have to run your offense for him. He can find his shots elsewhere. That is exactly what I want as my second best player.

Russ is playing, aside from his 3-point shooting, nearly as well as last season. Even if you say Melo was a bust, Steven Adams is still playing really well. Like why this team is still in that second tier of teams is disappointing to me. At least what I thought the expectations-- fair expectations were for them going into this year.

CRIS CARTER: I knew they'd have a problem with that bench. There's no way you looked at their bench and thought they'd be able to give you the type of productivity, especially, in the West. Like when their stars go to the bench, who is going to be able to get them buckets? Who can get them stops? They don't have those players. So they are absent of talent roster-wise to compete with the top teams in the NBA.