Thiago Santos TKOs Eryk Anders | HIGHLIGHT | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

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Santos got the TKO victory on Saturday after Anders couldn't stand up under his own weight.

COMMENTATOR 1: Just pummelling and perhaps just trying to ride out the rounds. Busy ground and pound from Santos.


There's the horn. We'll see the main event fourth round.

COMMENTATOR 2: And Eryk Anders looks like he is going to have a lot of trouble getting to his corner.

COMMENTATOR 1: He needs to across the octagon to get back to his coaches.

COMMENTATOR 2: Oh, this might be it.

COMMENTATOR 1: Mark Goddard wants the doctor. Anders--

COMMENTATOR 2: Man he cannot stand up.

COMMENTATOR 1: And Mark Goddard calls it off. Thiago Santos will win this one by TKO.

COMMENTATOR 2: Those short elbows inside. Head buried underneath, and Eryk Anders just doesn't have anything more to give. They were short. They were brutal. They were effective.

COMMENTATOR 1: 15 full minutes of hard-hitting action, and, in the end, it is the fighter known in Portuguese as sledgehammer-- Thiago Santos by TKO.

COMMENTATOR 2: Eryk Anders, not just [INAUDIBLE] looks absolutely exhausted. A brutal fight. Santos gets to bask in the hometown crowd.

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COMMENTATOR 2: He was having success on the feet in that middle range right here, very tough with the left, and the power kick to the body. Finding home for that left hand over and over again. Eryk Anders doing everything he can to answer back, to clinch, to stay in the fight.

And it was this takedown. Because look at these short elbows. Aim for the ear-- that's the rule. That's what he's doing. Mark Goddard is all over it. And any of [INAUDIBLE] we call an Iranian in wrestling. Head in between the legs of. And look at him targeting the ear-- bang, bang, bang.

And look at the slump. Right there, just cannot keep going. Cannot go to his stool. And in between rounds, look at this. He collapses. Mark Goddard has seen enough. And this fight is over.

COMMENTATOR 1: That was the first one. And as we play it through, the second one is what ultimately led to Mark Goddard waving it off and giving it to Thiago Santos.