Sick Plays for Week 12: Josh Huff starts the game off right

BY foxsports • November 23, 2014

Week 12 in the NFL means everything counts just a little more. Every yard, every point, every big decision matters more as playoff races come to a head.

This week, we saw some great football throughout the league, but there were a few plays that stood out. They were beyond good. These plays were just ... sick. So, let's run down the list, shall we?

1. Josh Huff

The Philadelphia Eagles returner started Sunday off right, when he took the opening kickoff 107 yards for a touchdown against the Tennessee Titans.

That's the way you begin a game. The Eagles went on to win easily 43-24.

2. Chris Conte

The Bears defensive back reacted quickly on this Josh McCown pass as he tipped the ball and the brought down the interception.

You can't teach that. Chicago went on to ruin McCown's and Lovie Smith's homecoming.

3. Bengals Defense

Cincinnati has had an up-and-down season in 2014, but on Sunday, the Bengals showed us their tough stripes. With the ball backed up on the 1-yard line, the Texans tried to run the ball with Alfred Blue. But ...

... sorry, no dice. That's a safety. The Bengals went on to win.

4. Johnathan Joseph

Sure, the Texans lost, but that doesn't mean they didn't have a couple highlights. Joseph, the veteran cornerback, got himself a pick-six on this play.

Great stuff.

5. Eddie Lacy

We know the Packers running back is a heavy load, but did you know he can also get some altitude?

Is there anything he can't do? I'll tell you what the Vikings can't do, and that's beat the Packers.

6. Isaiah Crowell

The Browns are really high on their rookie running back and for good reason. Check out this touchdown run:

Crowell might just make it in this league.

7. Cooper Helfet

The Seattle Seahawks scored just one touchdown in their 19-3 victory over the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, but the big tight end made it a memorable one. Watch his sky for the pylon on this play:

So pretty.

8. Ryan Mathews

The running back missed several games earlier this season, but he's back in action now and looks to be in form. Watch him wind his way through the Rams defense for this touchdown.

That's shiftiness right there.

9. Mike Evans

The rookie wide receiver was flagged for taunting after this touchdown, but it doesn't make the touchdown less awesome.

Just keep it together, kid.

10. Demaryius Thomas

Sure, this touchdown doesn't seem that special:

So, why is it here? Because it was his third of the game. You go, Demaryius!

11. Rams ball boy

Check this guy's swag:


12. Marcus Gilchrist

The Rams had the ball with time running out. They were in range for a tying field goal, but were instead going for the touchdown. That's when Gilchrist saved the day:

Congrats on the big win!

13. Caleb Sturgis

The Dolphins kicker tried to pull off a magic trick against the Broncos late in the fourth quarter. Miami went for the onside kick and Sturgis tried to pull off the rabona:

Too bad the Broncos recovered. That's still some excellent footwork.