RECAP: Day 1 of Rams Training Camp at UC Irvine

BY Elijah Zabludoff • July 29, 2017

IRVINE, Calif.—Sean McVay is excited to be back.

Jared Goff stood behind his center surveying his options. The ball was snapped and head coach Sean McVay began to back pedal, splitting the two receivers on his side right down the middle.

Goff looked backside for a minute, saw McVay in coverage, looked to his frontside and dropped a 25-yard dime into the Robert Woods' breadbasket.

During a team period just 10 minutes later, Goff took the snap, faked the hand-off to Todd Gurley, saw the backside recievers split by the DB, looked to the frontside and tossed a 15-yard laser to Nelson Spruce. Queue the joy from McVay.

"There was some good and some bad," McVay said of Goff after the Rams first practice, "but it was a good day by the D. We just have to go back and look at the tape."

McVay likes the speed at which his players are retaining the knowledge from minicamps:

"I was very pleased with walkthroughs this morning and the way the guys are retaining the install. It's a lot faster in training camp than it was a few weeks ago."

Jared Goff shared McVay's excitement

"I feel good, I feel comfortable," Goff said, "We had a good day, need to clean up some things timing-wise. But no mental errors from what I saw."

Maybe the biggest question of the day: When will Aaron Donald be back?

Coach McVay didn't have a timetable for his return, but he said, "Players wish he was here, out there, but I don't think it effects the way the players are practicing."

Like McVay, none of the players seemed overly concerned with Donald's absence.

Todd Gurley summed it up perfectly: "We've been playing football our whole lives. You catch it, don't turn it over, score points, and stop people from scoring. It's all about just playing football."



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