Did tweets land Darnell Dockett on Baltimore police watch list?

BY Jimmy Traina • July 30, 2015

Darnell Dockett has one of the more colorful Twitter feeds of any athlete who uses the social media service.

The 49ers defensive lineman has tweeted about his gun collection, he's live-tweeted jury duty in hopes of getting out of it, he's tried to steal Katherine Webb from A.J. McCarron and much, much more.

It seems, though, that Dockett's tweets during the Baltimore riots in late April raised a flag with that city's police department.

According to this tweet by Dockett, he is considered a "riot threat" based on a social media "chatter" violation. (You can find Dockett on the list, by way of his Twitter handle, "ddockett," about halfway down.)

It appears that Dockett got the list from another Twitter user, so we can't say for sure that it's real. We also don't know how that user got his hands on the list.

However, as you can see by his tweet, Dockett doesn't seem too concerned with this status.

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