Cowboys top Forbes list of Most Valuable Sports Teams for third straight year

July 20, 2018

For the third straight year, the Dallas Cowboys have claimed the top spot on the Forbes Most Valuable Sports Teams List.

The Cowboys are worth a cool $4.8 billion which is approximately $6 million more than they were worth in 2017.

Following closely behind them is Manchester United at $4.123 billion.

Rounding out the top 10 are two of the Cowboys NFC East Rivals in the Giants and Redskins (Yep, no Philadelphia Eagles aka Super Bowl LI Champions on this list!) as well as NBA teams and international soccer clubs.

1. Dallas Cowboys, $4.8 billion, 14% (NFL)

2. Manchester United, $4.123 billion, 12% (Soccer)

3. Real Madrid, $4.09 billion, 14% (Soccer)

4. Barcelona, $4.064 billion, 12% (Soccer)

5. New York Yankees, $4 billion, 8% (MLB)

6. New England Patriots, $3.7 billion, 9% (NFL)

7. New York Knicks, $3.6 billion, 9% (NBA)

8. Los Angeles Lakers, $3.3 billion, 10% (NBA)

8. New York Giants, $3.3 billion, 6% (NFL)

10. Golden State Warriors, $3.1 billion, 19% (NBA)

10. Washington Redskins, $3.1 billion, 5% (NFL)

So, Cowboys fans, next time you get in an argument with someone about who America’s Team is, just remember that their team isn’t worth $4.8 billion. In fact, no other team in the world is worth that much.

Dallas Cowboys: The World’s Team.