Astros mascot trolls Rangers' Arencibia during game

BY Shawn Ramsey • August 10, 2014

Texas Rangers catcher J.P. Arencibia appears to have a rivalry brewing with a notable figure of another MLB team.

No, it isn't Jeff Samardzija of the A's, or even Albert Pujols of the Angels.

It is none other than Orbit, the green, furry mascot of the Houston Astros.

The quarrel between the two appeared to begin in the fourth inning of Saturday night's game when Arencibia tossed a rosin bag behind him where Orbit happened to be standing in the first row of seats.

Luckily for Orbit, the Rangers were set to spend one more day in Houston on Sunday, where he was able to get his revenge on his new nemesis.

Orbit even made some time to mess with Adrian Beltre prior to the game.

After a successful afternoon of trolling the Rangers, Orbit finally had enough.  

Maybe next time Arencibia will think twice before carelessly tossing objects behind him while in the on-deck circle.

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