Tyler Seguin has a hilarious reaction to getting robbed by Caps goalie

BY Pete Blackburn • January 23, 2017

Dallas Stars forward Tyler Seguin has lethal finishing ability so it's rare to see him not score when he's given a golden opportunity on net. On Saturday, one of those rare instances came about and Seguin had some trouble coming to terms with it.

During a third-period power play against the Capitals, Seguin received a pass while set up in the face-off circle to the goalie's right-hand side (otherwise known as Alex Ovechkin's "office"). Seguin essentially had a wide-open net to shoot at as Caps goalie Philipp Grubauer was still on the left side of the crease as Seguin released a howitzer of a shot.

That shot, which would have given Dallas a 4-3 lead, never found the back of the net, as Seguin was  absolutely robbed by a lunging blocker save by Grubauer.

Understandably, Seguin was stunned. All he could do in the aftermath was drop his stick and look to the rafters in disbelief while play continued. I think it's safe to say he really wanted that one.

Instead, Grubauer's outstanding save preserved a tie game and paved the way for the Caps to take home a 4-3 win.

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