Tom Coughlin, Giants players defend Odell Beckham day after Josh Norman fiasco

December 21, 2015

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin was in a tough spot on Sunday.

Odell Beckham had clearly lost control on the field, going after Josh Norman several times, including with a spear of his helmet.

That said, Coughlin and the Giants (6-8) needed to win to stay in the NFC playoff race. Beckham (six catches, 76 yards, one touchdown), helped the giants tie the game at 35, even though they ultimately lost.

Coughlin on Monday admitted that he wanted to win the game more so than send Beckham a message about maturity.

In addition, several players backed Beckham on Monday, including quarter Eli Manning, who is usually reserved.

Jason Pierre-Paul also commented on Beckham's helmet-launch at Norman.