Police report values Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl jersey at $500K

February 21, 2017

The New England Patriots are more than two weeks removed from their fifth Super Bowl title, but one situation has yet to be resolved: Tom Brady’s jersey, which went missing in the locker room during the madness of the postgame celebration, is still nowhere to be found.

Brady is obviously disappointed by this development, especially considering how valuable it is. Although it’s hard to put a price tag on a keepsake like a Super Bowl jersey, it now has one.

According to the police report, which was obtained by TMZ Sports, Brady’s jersey is being valued at $500,000.

Because of the huge number, this theft is being listed as a first-degree felony, which would likely carry jail time. So for the person who lifted Brady’s jersey, returning it isn’t nearly as simple as it may seem.

A substantial punishment is waiting for the foolish soul who decided to steal it in the first place.