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Bradshaw on Cowboys' handling of Greg Hardy: 'This is wrong'
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Bradshaw on Cowboys' handling of Greg Hardy: 'This is wrong'

Published Oct. 11, 2015 12:53 p.m. ET

Greg Hardy's controversial comments this week during his return press conference after a four-game suspension have not gone unnoticed.

The FOX NFL Sunday crew doesn't let them go unnoticed, either. Check out the video above where Terry Bradshaw said that he someday hopes there isn't room for players like Hardy in the NFL.

Among other things, Hardy said Tuesday that he plans to come out "guns blazing" Sunday against the Patriots and made suggestive comments about Tom Brady's wife -- supermodel Gisele Bundchen -- and her sister.

Team owner Jerry Jones responded Friday, generally supporting Hardy during an interview with 105.3 The Fan in Dallas. Jones said he believes Hardy's comments would've been scrutinized regardless of what was said, given his situation.


"Most of the comments are going to go the wrong way if they have any element of being positive, of being aggressive, of being the way you want to be as a football player as far as your attitude is concerned," Jones said. "He has that attitude. It's not just talk. It's not just in front of a bunch of cameras. That's what he is, and he is that way. He's very aggressive out there. ...

"Here's the deal: Unless he looks like he's contrite, unless he looks like he is just absolutely whipped and really obviously sorry for what his situation, he's going to get criticized. We all know that. But he was in a football setting. Those questions that were being asked of him, the people who were asking those questions, those were not workplace.

"We know some things are out of order if an attorney is talking to you or a salesperson is talking to you and they're the opposite sex. We know some things in today's society that is behavior that we don't have today. We know that."

"Garbage Time" host Katie Nolan didn't take kindly to Hardy's comments, either. You can see her thoughts about Hardy (whom she calls a "garbage human") in this clip below.


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